FIMSA 2021 8th FIMSA Congress
Convenient Accommodations
There are a number of great hotels situated right in the 10-Minute Zone. The areas of Haeundae and Suyeong boast some of the city' best accommodations??5 noteworthy hotels with over 5,000 rooms, including a number of spots with ocean views of Haeundae Beach and Gwangalli Beach.
Staying in the 10-Minute Zone will maximize the convenience of your stay. Along with BEXCO and the other conference facilities, you will have easy access to some of Busan' best nightlife, shopping, leisure, tourism, and dining options.
Accommodation with Impeccable Hospitality
No. Star Rating Name of Hotel No. of Rooms Rate(USD) Distance from BEXCO (by car)
1 ★★★★★ Park Hayatt Busan 269 5min
2 The Westin Chosun Busan 290 10min
3 Lotte hotels & Resorts Busan 650 20min
4 Paradise Hotel Busan 532 10min
5 Grand Josun Busan 320 10min
6 Hilton Busan 310 20min
7 ★★★★ Shilla Stay Haeundae 407 10min
8 Centum Hotel 543 1min (on foot)
9 Premier Hotel 603 1min (on foot)
10 Seacloud Hotel 223 10min
11 Western Hotel & Resorts Haeundae 134 10min
12 Encore Hotel Haeundae 402 10min
13 ★★★ Ibis Ambassador Busan Haeundae 237 10min
14 Haeundae Pale De Cz 331 10min
15 Marianne Haeundae Hotel 127 10min
16 Hotel Illua 57 10min
17 Youth Hostel Arpina Youth Hostel 103 5min
Star Rating No. of Rooms Average Cost per Room Night
Youth Hostel 103 73 63
3-star 515 89 77
4-star 1,905 92 79
5-star 2,102 211 179
Rates per Night as of June 2021
In addition, there are many reasonable accommodations for tight budget travelers in Busan (35-60 USD).
All exchange rate conversions throughout this document are as given on 1st June 2021, 1 USD=0.8 EUR.